49 Members and Rev. C.B. Alt, the Council’s first chaplain, signed the Charter officially creating The Archbold Knights of Columbus Council #7552. The council met in the basement of St. Peter Catholic Church and was led by Sam Grime, the Council’s first Grand Knight.

Mrs. Blanch Cantwil (Rebeau) of Toledo, a former Archbold resident and St. Peter parishioner, unexpectedly donated two parcels of land from her family homestead on Lutz Road. The first being a 3.21 acre parcel for the construction of a meeting/reception hall and the second a 1.79 acre parcel for a parking lot. Totaling the 5.0 acres we know as the Knights of Columbus hall today.

Ground was broken. Members, parishioners and even local citizens all volunteered their skills, tools and equipment and countless hours in constructing the hall.

The Archbold Knights of Columbus – Rebeau Hall had its official Grand Opening.

On the second Tuesday of September Council #7552 held its first official meeting at the K of C – Rebeau Hall. Brother Knight Al Dominique presided as the first Grand Knight at the hall.

The first year of our famous “Fish Fry Friday” commenced. With only two used deep fryers our Charter Members held nine “frys” in their first year.

With the upcoming fish fry season at the beginning of the year, another deep fryer was added. Bringing the total up to three!

Word had spread and patrons came from near and far to have fish at the K of C Hall causing the need to add fourth deep fryer.

The original two deep fryers had served their purpose and were retired. Two brand new fryers were purchased.

The parking lot was upgraded. After 8 years of stone it was finally blacktopped.

10 years of “Fish Fry Fridays” had spread the word. A fifth and final deep fryer was added.

Things largely remained the same at the Rebeau until 2014 with the first major interior facelift in nearly 30 years. Both bathrooms were redone, the old wooden dance floor was torn up and replaced with a more modern floor and the carpeted walls and paint scheme got a much needed color upgrade.

The 31 year old original steel roof was replaced.